Top 5 Strategies

for creating jobs

  1. Create the Nevada Job Bonds Support Fund
    11,495 Jobs
  2. Require State and Local Governments to Dedicate Annual Appropriations / Authorizations
    3,823 Jobs
  3. Eliminate Tax Rate Sunsets Dedicated to Capital Projects
    3,077 Jobs

  4. Provide a Streamlined Permitting Process and Permit and Planning Fee Abatements
    3,483 Jobs
  5. Index the Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax
    5,192 Jobs

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Economic Conditions

Nevada’s economy has been ravaged by the economic recession that began in December 2007. The economic downturn has required private sector employers to cut 179,400 jobs, and, at the same time, reduce hours, wages and benefits for their remaining employees. There is no precedent for these impacts in Nevada’s modern history.

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4Require Local Governments to Provide a Streamlined Permitting Process ...

... and Permit and Planning Fee Abatements for Reuse or Improvement of Underutilized Real Property Assets

Planning hurdles create a formidable obstacle for construction, development and design industries. At times, developers may have an opportunity to convert a vacant or underutilized property to a higher or better use, but they cannot because antiquated regulations do not permit the conversion, or obtaining the desired use permits is such a long and costly process that it makes the project impracticable or infeasible. One potential strategy would be to mandate an accelerated process and to abate permitting and planning fees where a project meets a set of established criteria such as: (1) puts underutilized property to a higher and better use; (2) the project would be completed in less than 12 months; and (3) the project would create more than 50 net new Nevada jobs.

Estimated Impact
Jobs Wages & Salaries Economic Activity
3,483 $204,561,671 $472,211,000