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Sometimes having the data you need is only half of the story.

Below are some examples of reports we prepare for our clients. Although these reports are relatively diverse, spanning industries from healthcare to water resources to commercial banking, they share a common thread. That thread is the ability to reduce complex research and analysis into digestible, actionable reporting documents. We understand that the technical analytics underlying a research project mean little if you cannot effectively communicate the results to internal and external stakeholders. We take great pride in our ability to present our findings in a way that maximizes the utility of our research and reflects positively on our clients and their core constituencies.

Cover, Nevada State Bank A Positive Outlook

September 2020

A Positive Outlook

Every generation does it. As we get our feet under us, advance our careers, raise our families and start to leave our imprint on the world, we look at the younger generation behind us and shake our heads. How will the smartphone-obsessed, no-TV-watching, short-attention-span youth of today tackle the world problems of tomorrow? We might tell ourselves that they don’t have the imagination, the moxie or the smarts that we had at their age. Combine this with an uncertain and unsettled education system in the midst of the pandemic, and it may be easy to fear the future.

But if you actually take a moment to look more closely, you’ll see that all hope is not lost. Far from it, in fact. The youth of today are just as talented, engaged, energized and insightful as ever, and I take comfort  ...

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Cover, Nevada State Bank Economic Briefing

September 2020

Economic Briefing

Governor Sisolak announced a 45-day extension of the residential eviction moratorium at the end of August amid the COVID-19 public health crisis. This directive extends the moratorium on residential evictions based on nonpayment of rent to provide for greater housing stability. Policymakers hope this will allow Nevadans to remain in their homes as the community continues to fight and recover from both the health and economic ramifications brought on by COVID-19. The directive seeks to maintain public safety during the pandemic as Nevada transitions to programs that protect landlords and tenants. The directive, however, does not change any tenant’s obligation to pay rent.

According to the Census Pulse Household Survey’s most recent results, approximately 11.7 percent of people acros ...

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Cover, Nevada State Bank Elko Quarterly Briefing

Q3 2020

Elko Quarterly Briefing

Economic Update

While Nevada has been particularly hard hit by the current recession resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Elko area has weathered the storm far better than the major population centers like Las Vegas and Reno. Elko County’s unemployment rate peaked at 14.0 percent in April 2020, while the statewide unemployment rate reached 30.1 percent for the month and Clark County’s rose as high as 34.0 percent. Since that peak, Elko County has seen a steep decline in unemployment, with the rate measuring just 5.0 percent for July 2020. While still well higher than the 3.1 percent unemployment rate recorded in July of 2019, it is a much more stable number than seen throughout much of the state.

Employment figures have rebounded significantly across the state as the economy ...

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Cover, Nevada State Bank High Net Worth

April 2020

High Net Worth

Nevada’s luxury home market entered 2020 with all signs pointing toward building on a positive 2019 that mirrored strong growth in the state and national economies. In that year, 1,269 luxury homes sold in Nevada, a total that represented an 11.8 percent increase over the 1,135 sales in 2018 and a near doubling of the 655 luxury home sales just four years earlier. The economic momentum has since evaporated amid the COVID-19 public health crisis and related economic response. The economic uncertainty is likely to impact the broader real estate markets, but the implications for the luxury segment of the residential market have yet to be determined.

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