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Sometimes having the data you need is only half of the story.

Below are some examples of reports we prepare for our clients. Although these reports are relatively diverse, spanning industries from healthcare to water resources to commercial banking, they share a common thread. That thread is the ability to reduce complex research and analysis into digestible, actionable reporting documents. We understand that the technical analytics underlying a research project mean little if you cannot effectively communicate the results to internal and external stakeholders. We take great pride in our ability to present our findings in a way that maximizes the utility of our research and reflects positively on our clients and their core constituencies.

Cover, Nevada State Bank Economic Briefing

January 2018

Economic Briefing

National measures of consumer confidence in the economy have showed significant improvement over the course of 2017, climbing to their highest level since 2000. People are spending more, as national retail sales have grown 4.2 percent this year compared to 3.2 percent in 2016. Nevada has easily outpaced the national average in terms of retail sales growth in recent years, and that growth accelerated in 2017, with the trailing 12-month total for taxable retail sales through October 2017 trending 6.6 percent ahead of the prior year. In 2016, taxable retail sales in Nevada grew 5.1 percent year-over-year. If that 6.6 percent growth is maintained throughout the final two months of 2017, it would be the best year for statewide taxable retail sales growth since 2011, when growth reached 7.1. Odd ...

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Cover, Nevada State Bank A Positive Outlook

December 2017

A Positive Outlook

We are inundated by data. Job growth. Wages. Visitor volume. Unemployment rate. Consumer spending. Graduation rates. GDP. House Prices. It can be overwhelming. Yet, as the volume of data has grown, so has the number of tools for collecting, organizing and analyzing it. These tools make it possible to wade through reams of information and distill it into the critical insights necessary to make the best decisions.

This idea is at the heart of the United Way of Southern Nevada’s Community Connect website (communityconnect.uwsn.org). The organization has been helping children and families for six decades and is one of the most recognizable nonprofits in the region. It works as a conduit for ideas, support and resources from throughout the community and focuses them on finding solutions to ...

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Cover, Nevada State Bank Elko Quarterly Briefing

Q4 2017

Elko Quarterly Briefing

Economic Update

In October 2017, overall employment in Elko County declined slightly for the fourth straight month, yet remained 2.2 percent higher than the prior year with nearly 26,000 workers. The size of the labor force also declined slightly for the third consecutive month. These changes pushed Elko County’s unemployment rate to 3.4 percent, among the lowest in the state and well below the statewide rate of 4.8 percent. Elko County’s unemployment rate declined by 0.6 percentage points year-over-year, a faster improvement than the statewide decline of 0.4 percentage points since October 2016.

Wage growth in Elko County has been another economic highlight. Weekly wages averaged $907 in the second quarter of 2017, a 3.2 percent increase over the prior year. On a trailing 12-mon ...

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Cover, Nevada State Bank High Net Worth

June 2017

High Net Worth

During the 2015 Nevada legislative session, Governor Brian Sandoval set out to enact a broad platform of educational reforms and funding priorities designed to improve student performance throughout Nevada. Nearly two dozen education-focused bills passed through the Legislature with broad bipartisan support, establishing a foundation for educational opportunity and success for current and future generations of Nevadans. In the 2017 session, the scope of education-related legislation was not as extensive as 2015, yet the collection of bills and budget funding passed by Governor Sandoval and legislators builds upon the foundation that was established two years ago. Below is a summary of key issues that were considered and laws that were passed during the 2017 legislative session.

Educatio ...

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